The Myth of the Two Wolves

There is an old Cherokee legend about two wolves living inside of us. One is evil and one is good.

The evil one is full of anger, envy, self-pride, guilt and ego. The good one is full of joy, peace, love, compassion and kindness.

“Which one wins? The one you feed,” so the legend goes.

But, what if one was not a wolf at all? And, what if it actually didn’t live inside of us?  What if it was a parasite that lived just outside of our consciousness?  That infects us by steering humanity off track?

“Off track, how?”, you may wonder. By infecting us with a constant stream of low, negative, vibrational energy.  Through garbage passed off as food.  Through an overwhelmingly negative and fear based media.  Through an “education” system designed to make us paycheck-to-paycheck workers.

No, it’s not a wolf. In fact, neither are wolves.  It’s a group of parasites versus a mighty lion.

When we have literal parasites living inside of our guts, we can take an herbal tincture to detoxify our body of them. And, it works best when we starve them of meat, flour, sugar, dairy, etc.

We detox these energy parasites with love and bliss. We starve them of hate and fear.

Starve the parasites. Awaken the lion.

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