My 12 Most Amazing Ayahuasca Insights

  1. The most important thing in life, you’ve got figured out

This is the love I share with my daughter. Unconditional, infinite love.  This is why we are here and is more important than anything else.  To love and experience love is to live.  The air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink are all just support systems to allow us to live this life to share and vibrate love.

2.    Just do the work

I was looking for a shortcut or magic formula to success. When I asked how is this possible the answer I got was “just do the work”.  This was then repeated to me over and over again.  All of the excuses seemed valid: being a single parent, having a full time job, already doing a radio show.  But, if I wanted to get to the next level (which I have reached since this night), I simply needed to “just do the work”.

3.    Stop analyzing and just enjoy the beauty

I saw this holographic image on the wall. I couldn’t tell if this image was real or part of the journey.  As I began to think it was just part of the journey, I tried to analyze what it meant.  What was the message I was supposed to get from this image?  Mother Aya then told me to “just enjoy the beauty.”  There isn’t a message in every single thing and it isn’t our jobs to analyze everything.  Some things just are.  So, just enjoy the beauty in the present moment.

4.    Forgive them

When I began to contemplate all of the evil in the world and those behind these actions, I was told to forgive them. When I tried to counter with anything, “forgive them” was communicated faster and with more authority each time.  I didn’t take this as we should idly accept those causing harm to others, but rather try to understand and forgive regardless of the action we take.

5.    The conspiracy doesn’t care if it’s exposed

Alternative media is growing bigger and bigger every year. Fewer people than ever before trust mainstream news sources.  Here’s the problem: the conspiracy doesn’t care if it’s exposed.  It cares if you offer solutions, if you refuse to hate, if you step outside of the matrix.  Simply shining a light on the world’s problems without offering solutions just feeds the beast

6.    You are good enough

Most of us have deep embedded insecurities that we may not even are aware of. Mine was the emotional damage from a failed romantic relationship from my early 20s.  I didn’t know this damage was there and Mother Aya took me deep enough to address this issue.  I had a vision of a woman who looked at me with pure love and affection.  I then saw myself through her eyes and was told, “You are good enough.  You deserve her.”

7.    There is no “The One”

After the visual of the women I saw, I asked if she is “The One”. Mother Aya told me, “There is no ‘The One’.  You have to work hard to make any relationship work.”  This should be how we go into any romantic situation.  Believing there is someone out there meant specifically for us regardless of how we live our life can lead to passively going through this experience waiting for him or her to show up, taking our significant other for granted because we think “we are meant to be”, or staying in toxic relationships hoping they work out.

8.    Trust

After that super deep experience, the ego had latched on because of my fear of re-experiencing that rough night. The next time I experienced the medicine, it was a struggle all night to let go.  I then saw the word “TRUST” spelled out in the (visualized) sky.  This can be applied to our daily lives when we don’t trust the Magic of the Universe and live outside of the present moment.

9.    It’s okay to be resistant

When I returned after my night of resistance, the resistance kicked right back in. As I began to fight the resistance, she told me that, “It’s okay to be resistant.”  This immediately lessened the resistance and it eventually went away.  Instead of trying to fight the feeling of what we don’t want, perhaps, we should be okay with it for the moment and we can watch it dissipate.

10.    Save the animals by healing humanity

Up until this point, nothing that was currently in my belief system was confirmed or denied during these journeys. I then began to feel some of the pain that I suppress for the suffering of animals in our world.  I’ve been struggling with dealing with people and organizations in the alternative health field who exploit animals for profit.  I was told the only other alternative is complete isolation and I need to be okay with working with others who don’t see this point of view.

I then had a vision of a transparent, holographic body filled with decayed meat. I was told humans are junkies to the food system.  A lot of us are still sick.  She told me that I am a healer and then said repeatedly, “Save the animals by healing humanity.”

11.    Don’t try to overcome your flaws and insecurities

Be great regardless of them. I’ve had times in my life where I put a lot of focus on the short comings I wanted to change, but they only seemed to get worse.  The energy flowed where my attention went.  So, instead of trying to overcome our flaws or insecurities, we should focus on becoming our best selves regardless of them and let them fade away as a result.

12.    Sex is an exchange of energy

I was shown multiple sexual encounters that I’ve had over the past few years. I felt as if I was reliving these experiences simultaneous.  I felt embarrassed as these were all low value/low vibrational sexual encounters. Basically, only being with the person with the intent to get off.  Mother Aya told me very clearly, “Don’t do that anymore!”  I was then shown a transparent view of women’s body with energy points throughout it.  It was explained to me that sex is an exchange of energy.  High vibrational sex is an exchange of high energy.

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